You can do more with serveware than simply treat guests at the next social gathering or dinner party. A proper plate or set can set the tone and personality for a special occasion and perhaps spur a conversation about the artwork. You never know what can soften the heart or ease the mind. Browse our options to find the plate or tray that speaks to you and the parties that you host.

Unique Serving Plates

A proper dinner can make all the difference in establishing camaraderie and spreading cheer. You want to have the appropriate plates and silverware. Having a good serving plate will show that you care about your guests and want to infuse positivity into the evening.

Unique Charger Plates

More often than not, guests would see charger plates at high-tier restaurants to catch spills and keep a tabletop clean. They also keep heat from escaping hotter dishes like soups and entrees. As a result, they are instrumental. Incorporating one into your serveware shows that you care about people’s comfort when they are eating. You will also treat them like royalty.

You can get a great deal on a 4-pack, like the Flower Field 14’’ Charger Plate. Choose from blue, white, or taupe and determine what fits your stories. The width ensures that you can comfortably set soup bowls or appetizer plates on top.

Garden Party Serving Collection

Danika Herrick, a renowned artisan, has designed the pattern for our Garden party collection. This set of plates and trays will encapsulate elegance and whimsy in one. Each piece is hand-painted and has enamel.

Each item in the collection shows a garden with Japanese influence. You will see outdoor gazebos with delicate trees and sometimes leopards to accentuate nature refusing to be tamed. Do not machine-wash these items.

You can take a look at the tea trays that we carry. Afternoon tea is an honorable tradition that allows people to commune in a calm atmosphere. The Garden Party Tea Tray is one of our recommendations from the collection when you want to partake in this ritual. Golden embellishments enhance the simple party design. Choose from blue & white or taupe & white, depending on which matches your decor.

Garden Party Plates

The Blue Dessert Plate is a good choice when you want to complement muted colors. It measures eight inches wide. Use when you have elegant desserts that you wish to present with style.

Assemble Your Serving Platters With Collections From Jaye’s Studio

Jaye’s Studio demonstrates the marriage between practical household items and art. We believe that any object can bring more than beauty to a room. You can also use these valuable tools to lift people’s moods and contribute to a harmonic environment while furnishing a home.

To find out more about how a proper tea tray or serving bowl can set your household aesthetic, please reach out to us today. Jaye’s Studio will answer all of your questions about fostering good conversations and enhancing great cooking with the proper serving tray or equipment accordingly.