Beautiful Photo Frames

A picture frame can emphasize a beautiful photograph, painting, or print. It can also enhance an interior space by either contrasting with established elements or contributing to a unified theme. One common dilemma that homeowners or residents face is finding a frame that strikes balance.

Luxury Picture Frame Designs With Elegance

All of our photo frames are made with high-quality material and care. We provide size charts and cleaning instructions for your benefit, so that what you purchase will last for a long time.

You may want a picture frame that pays homage to earlier artistic eras, with an appropriate finish. They bring a bit of the reimagined past to your photographs.

For that, we have the Regency Bee Frames. They are a popular item with a contrast of a gold border against a golden bee, serving as a focal point. These frames are designed for smaller photos that can go on your counters, tables, or nightstands. Use them to hold photos of loved ones.

In the case of simpler frames that have elegance, we also have the Color Block Chang Mai option. It comes in three sizes, giving you more flexibility when placing an order. This frame simulates textured bamboo sticks using rolled metal and gold color. You can use it to dress up a painting in the lap of luxury.

Would you rather experiment with prints? Consider the Garden Party Multi Bamboo frame. Artisans have hand-painted Danika Herrick’s design with color bursts, to add some whimsy and energy to any picture. They catch the eyes and warm the mind.

Factors That Determine Designer Frame Styles


How big is the artwork that will go on the wall? From a practical standpoint, you don’t want to risk damaging a painting or photograph by putting it into a too-small frame, or undermine its display with a too-large one. In terms of the impact on an observer, you want a frame whose size delivers an emotional payoff and complement to the photo in question. Larger works can catch a visitor’s eye, while smaller pictures allow for some intimacy when looking at them.

Matting is another consideration that lends to this. With a mat, they create a thick border between the frame itself and the artwork. They can add some neatness, or help match a picture to a frame without leaving huge gaps.


Do you want a solid color frame, a pattern, or a print? Sometimes a print makes sense when you wish to add some flair to a rather calming image, to provide either a contrast or a complement.

Colors can also set the tone for the finished work. A strong contrast with a solid tint can establish a personality. So can a bold print, with splashes of color or line weight. Neutral frames allow a brighter picture to stand out, without clashing any design sensibilities.

Convert An Apartment Space Into A Gallery Wall With Jaye’s Studio

Do you want to introduce the glamour of an art gallery to the good vibes of your home? Jaye’s Studio believes that the right household items can add a layer of beauty to your home, and improve your emotional well-being.

Are you ready to organize your favorite photos accordingly? Then please reach out to us today. Jaye’s Studio will answer all of your questions about styles that will match your home and personal taste.