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5 Functional and Unique Entryway Ideas

by Jaye's Studio Sales Team 05 Jan 2022

An entryway can set the tone for your house, condominium, or rental. You can make a great first impression on guests, or create a welcoming atmosphere when returning home from a day at the office, university, or a long trip. These four functional and unique entryway ideas will pave the way for the dream entrance that you want.

Decorating Ideas For Your Entryway

Always consider that you want to know where a visitor’s gaze will land. The human eye will follow patterns or linear arrangements. Thus, you want to determine what objects will invite someone’s attention. The gaze usually rests at eye-level first.

Use Bold Colors To Contrast Wall Mounted Objects And Furniture

In your house, you decide where to put the colors that you always wanted as a kid, teenager or young adult. Now is the time to get that bright magenta you always liked, or an acid-green tint that would remind you of the 1960s. You can stop foot traffic in its tracks and turn a lonely space into a gallery wall.

Items like Newport Magazine Holder can add that boldness. Four different color combinations can make them fit different color blends.

magazine holder

Designate Corners For Kids And Pets

If you have a big family, or even a little one, clutter is bound to happen. One alternative to constantly fighting pet dander and stray toys is to designate a space for them.

For kids and teens coming home from school, you can pair a serving tray and a throw pillow for them to put down books or items that they acquired during the day. The Chang Mai Bamboo Color Block Tray looks elegant and can serve this purpose. So can the Buffalo Plaid 14’’ Magazine Holder in two different colors for any important papers or folders.

magazine holder 2

Mount Eye Catching Prints And Patterns

You don’t simply have to limit animal prints or unique patterns to clothing; they can also add personality to your home. Spots or stripes can add refined wildness that bring nature to a reserved living space. You can also incorporate printed splatters or geometric designs that speak to your interior sensibilities.

Pay Homage To A Specific Art Period

You don’t have to limit yourself to 2020s trends. Some like minimalism can invite confusion about spaces that don’t look lived in or occupied. You can also design a front door and a foyer so that it looks like it comes from the Victorian era, Art Deco, or other time periods that strike your fancy. You can get creative rather quickly.

Refine Your Large Or Small Space With Jayes Studio

Jaye’s Studio knows that the right bit of artisan work can spruce up your home. Our selections of useful and beautiful home items are designed to consider your emotional wellbeing and invite good cheer. We also handcraft and retail items made with love and attention to both timeless and passing trends.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. We are happy to help answer all of your questions about interior design and unique looks. Let Jaye’s Studio pave the way for a lovely entry to your home.

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