Home Accents


Unique Home Accent Selections

Home accents allow you to express yourself in the comfort of your home. These different items serve more than a practical purpose. They can provide the finishing touch to a room or the nuance that defines a personality. Ideally, you want to pair it with any wall decor, carpets, or such that reflects your taste.

Take a look at any of our items that can accent your rooms. We always use high-quality materials like rolled metal and provide cleaning instructions on maintaining their elegance. With our rolled metal items, make sure to rub them with a damp cloth and no harsh cleaning chemicals.

Unique Home Decor

Sometimes a little bit of the forest or the tropics can ease the mind. They can remind a resident or a visitor to take a moment to breathe. Consider if you want an accent with a nature scene that can add cool auras in a hot summer or warmth to a cold day.

This Palm Square Cachepot will set your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy the tropics in any season, including the heaviest winters. It is designed for elegance. You can also get it in blue and pink if you would prefer to not try out for green. We recommend using them for holding tiny items like toiletries. They also make fantastic planters; add your favorite small plants to really bring nature indoors.

Luxury Home Decor

Sometimes you want to take a bold risk with decor ideas and try a print or figurine that catches the eye. Or you want a piece that displays elegance while matching wall arts. They can start a conversation, or inspire the human mind. We provide size charts for scale, so that you can determine what will fit smaller spaces.

The Paws and Claws Magazine Holder has a matching wastebasket and cachepot. It has a lion figurine that makes one think of European royalty and grand battles. You can use the matched set to add austerity and whimsy to a room when you need tangible reading material. This holder comes in black or grey, making it suitable for when you want muted tones or high contrasts.

For a more serious look, the Milly & Lilly Dragon Bowls bring a handcrafted element to any table or counter. Choose from two different color options, as two Eastern dragons weave around the rolled metal. We pair the dragons with a Buffalo plaid pattern as well as a tree print. You can store any lightweight necessities in this bowl.

Enrich Your Home With Colorful Home Accents Jaye’s Studio

Jaye’s Studio wants to add little bits of beauty and personality to your life. You can also match these accents with wall hangings or other home goods. We believe that a new part of your home should add more than aesthetic value and have emotional meaning. For that reason, we work with artisans and use durable materials.

To find out more about what items can spark joy and imagination, please reach out to us today. Jaye’s Studio will help you push past fashionable trends and infuse beautiful art into a fulfilling lifestyle. We’ll answer all of your questions about which items will suit your living spaces.