Decorative Cachepots



A cachepot can spruce up indoor plants or act as a conversation piece for your living room. They can provide whimsy and elegance. Use cachepots as beautiful storage units.

You can also get creative with cachepot usage. Some people like to use them for holding silverware in dining rooms. You can host large parties and receive their compliments about your choice of display.

Decorative Cachepot Planters

When looking at our decorative cachepots, you are looking at items that are made with love. We pay attention to modern design trends and customer desires. Your feedback matters, as do your aesthetic needs. Feel free to inquire about our decorative pots, designed by Danika Herrick exclusively for Jaye’s Studio.

All of our metal cachepots require minimal maintenance. Simply wipe the surfaces with a damp or dry cloth; any chemicals will cause damage to the characters. We provide a sizing chart for each item so you can see if it will fit in your desired space.

Blue And White Cachepots

Blue and white patterns are standard porcelain motif. You will often see them in fine china or white pottery. Modern design allows for more creativity beyond traditional arrangements and lustrous glazes.

If you enjoy a classic china pattern, as well as ample space for multiple flower pots, we recommend the Garden Party Blue Quatrefoil. It adds light blue paint to any coffee table or patio, along with a print of a peaceful garden.

The Horizontal Stripe Blue Square Cachepot takes a modern approach to the traditional blue and white china pattern. It uses a navy tint paired with a bright white and rectangular design. Customers enjoy the minimal process, with a sturdy structure to hold plants or cut flowers.

Unique Metal Cachepots

Do you want to go beyond wholesale cachepots? We have decorative ones that add elegance to any room, as well as a hint of whimsy.

One of our most popular pieces is the Paws & Claws Rectangular Cachepot. This pot pays homage to royal designs, with detailed gold embossing for a lion’s head. No matter what type of flower or plant you place within the cachepot, it will become the center of the room.

Find More Decorative Pots At Jaye’s Studio

Do you need hand-painted pots that match your home decor and other items that can brighten a space? Jaye’s Studio aims to brighten your home and life while adding practical conversation pieces for the home.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. The Jaye’s Studio representatives will answer all of your questions about cachepot sales or other great deals. Let us add beauty to your life.