Beautiful Bath Accessories

Beautiful bath accessories can contribute to a self-care routine. They can turn a bathroom from simply functional to physically appealing. You can also use them to add a harmonious blend to a chaotic space, such as when you have a family or a pet in the house. A bath accessories sale is the right time to spruce up the classic powder room.

Jayes Studio Wastebaskets

A wastebasket can be more than a practical item for your bathroom. You can use it to elevate a room’s aesthetics with proper placement and arrangement. All of our waste baskets are made of hand-rolled metal, and we advocate cleaning with a damp cloth rather than using heavy chemicals.

Pineapple Wastebasket And Other Tropical Themes

Sometimes a wastebasket can bring a lighthearted aura into the room, with bright colors and motifs. Fruit imagery like pineapple brings reminders of health and the space to enjoy such produce. As interior design advocates creating a space for joy, such themes invite warmth into a household.

The Palm Tulip Wastebasket is another accessory that can bring warmth indoors, no matter the weather outside. Three color options adorn this hand-painted basket: pink, green and blue. Customers love the tulip pattern, and its versatility since one can transplant it to a home office or kitchen.

Unique Bathroom Accessories

See if these bathroom accessories can provide a visual surprise for your guests or home residents. These are also made of hand-rolled metal and some are designed to accompany our wastebaskets as part of a matched set.

Decorative Tissue Box Covers

A tissue box cover can cover up the standard cardboard boxes that tissues pack in from the grocery store. As a result, it can add an edge of class to your bathroom, that shows you are willing to add beauty where an average person does not easily find aesthetics.

The Paws And Claws Tissue Box is part of a matched set, with a color contrast and a regal atmosphere. Its hand painted lion will catch the eye, and glint under any light.

Bath Accessories Trays

Do you have a large number of toiletries? Are you concerned about making the space presentable for guests? A tray may be the answer. You can get any design that you like, painted onto a flat surface. A unique selection like the Color Block Round Mai Tray makes a large impression, with hand-cut bamboo, while providing ample storage space.

For the holidays, you may want to consider the Royal Boxwood Wreath Enameled Oliver Tray. You can use it to serve any guests at social gatherings, and mount it in bathrooms after the season has passed. The design is quite relaxing and rhythmic.

Inquire About Beautiful Bath Accessories From Jaye’s Studio

Jaye’s Studio knows that the right home accessories can add welcoming vibes and comfort to any room. Our bath accessories sale will be sure to strike your fancy and infuse a room with harmonic aesthetics.

To find out more about what bathroom sets will match your toiletries and flooring, please reach out to us today. Jaye’s Studio will pair the appropriate soap dishes and trays to match your indoor interior design. Add a hint of luxury, or decadence at your leisure!